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    The earmuff for dogs with long ears, everything started from here

    earmuffs for dogs

    The earmuff for dogs with long ears, everything started from here

    Why PLUTO, the earmuffs for dogs with long ears, exists?

    It all started from my childhood and my neighbor friend’s cocker spaniel. I still remember her name, Desy, red-colored, lively and always on the scene but not overbearing. Every time I visited my friend, Desy would come wagging her tail but discreetly. Then she was staying in the room in her silent manner with us while we played with the dolls. It was a full silence: it is difficult to explain the fullness of their silence, only those who have dogs understand the meaning of it. I call it deafening silence.

    After 30 years, during an important moment of my life, I thought back to that  carefree and light period when she, Desy, filled the room with her presence. And just at that moment Sissi, a cocker spaniel, arrived! She was born in a small mountain village in the province of Alba.

    My first dog! My first experience. The first need: her long ears were crawling and “cleaning” all the city streets. And from then on, i realized that i had to find a solution to the problem. A problem, a need for me is an opportunity: our patented earmuff for dogs with long ears the solution to this problem.

    I made Sissi wear dog headband but seemed to me an uncomfortable product. I couldn’t imagine a cocker spaniel without her “drooping” ears. For me the cocker spaniel always had to have its drooping ears, covered so as to protect them, but they had to be where nature had created them.

    I kept thinking about the solution, looking around, watching her walk. I drew my first sketch, a “something” that was undefined, I had it made and got Sissi wear it. How many samples she wore, how many tests on the width, length and shape. How many times I wore it to Sissi to see if it was easy it is to wear. Only we two know! And here is that after 1 year of samples and trials UNCONVENTIONALDOG has obtained the patent of the earmuffs for dogs with long ears.

    Everything started from right there! I realized that if i wanted to fully experience Sissi I had to experience her not only inside the house where she had all her things in their proper place but especially outside the home where she had nothing of her own instead. Out of home i realized that sissi had the same needs as a child outside home.

    Giusy B.