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    Payment methods

    Orders can be placed using major credit cards, debit cards or other payment methods made available on the Site that you will find on purchasing of product.
    The Seller will charge the purchase price, as defined below (“Price”) to coincide with the acceptance of the Order. However, before the acceptance of the Order, security checks may be carried out on the Payment Method chosen by the Customer for the Order, or a pre-authorization or a pre-charge for precautionary purposes.
    The Seller uses a primary payment gateway to authorize payments for Orders (“Payment Gateway”); Consequently, the Seller does not directly manage any financial information relating to the Payment Method used by the Customer, nor does the Site process any financial information provided for the completion of the Order.
    The Payment Gateway protects the details of the credit or debit card used by encrypting sensitive information to ensure that it is transmitted securely. The Site adopts Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to guarantee a higher standard of security on each Order.
    In the unlikely event of an error, negligence or unlawfulness relating to the management of the transaction linked to an Order by the Payment Gateway and payment intermediation systems, neither the Seller nor the Site can be held responsible for such error, negligence or illicit.
    The Seller reserves the right to cancel a transaction and cancel the related Order in the event that a fraudulent use of the Payment Method adopted for the Order is reported. Furthermore, the Seller will not be liable in the event of any illegal use of a Payment Method by a third party that is not attributable to its error or negligence.