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    tuta impermeabile per cani


    The waterproof dog trouser suit, an unparalleled garment!

    Everyone who has a dog with long ears knows what is going out with him on a rainy day.

    If you have a full of life puppy dog who goes out often, run and play, imagine when he comes home with his fur soaking wet. Imagine having to dry him with a cloth and with a hair dryer every time you go out. Not only dryer the wet fur but also the dirt from the city streets and arcades: all this every time it rains!

    Sissi is a Cocker Spaniel. From her earliest days, we realise that she would has been joyful, playful, eager to go out, play and walk a lot. Sissi has always been a concentrate of vitality. We were aware and knew we would never forget her needs and requirements. Our outings were immediately frequent and intense. It was the only way to get her to live her life to the fullest. Not even the rain could stop us!

    There was a problem, I couldn’t find anything on the market that met ‘our’ needs. Sissi and I wanted  go out and enjoy without limits. Without the thought to take an umbrella to shelter us or even more limiting our outings because it was raining. Sissi didn’t mind the rain, but I did, because having a wet cocker was meaning a half an hour of blow-drying. Imagine multiplying half an hour by 4-5 outings a day.

    Here is, when a problem becomes an opportunity! My mind starts to travel thinking of a garment with the ideal shape to protect her as much as possible. Soft and quiet fabric so that when she wears it she will forget wearing it. Stretchy and light, waterproof and breathable with a hypoallergenic lining not to irritate her skin.

    I already knew the fabric company and the waterproof membrane company. I only had to make a garment that was quick and easy to wear and so soft and quiet to not  feeling it.

    It was the most difficult garment to design, make and develop in the different sizes. A very complicated garment to manufacture: from the length and attachment of the neck, to the length and armhole of the dog legs, to the coverage of the abdomen and belly (very delicate areas), to the choice of closure on the dog back with a self-lubricating zipper.

    And as I wanted a totally waterproof garment, I even thought to insert an internal protection along the zipper so that not a single drop of water would get in. And more, loops so that the dog harness can be worn, hidden and at the same time to keep the garment snug-fitting the body.

    I called this special waterproof dog trouser suit TRENDY TRENCH 60”.

    It was one of the most difficult creation into UNCONVENTIONALDOG product range. The waterproof suit consists of 23 pieces. It was very difficult finding a tailoring workshop to make it because the manufacture of every single garment requires a high level of technical knowledge (the fabric being laminated to a waterproof membrane is very difficult to sew) and time and patience like a tailor’s garment.

    TRENDY TRENCH 60′ is the total body waterproof suit par excellence. Since Sissi wears it, the problem of wet hair and bad smell is solved. Thanks to TRENDY TRENCH 60” Sissi can run through fields and walk around the city in all weathers conditions without a care. When she comes home the only wet part of the body are paws. The rest of her body is as dry and porfum as if she had never been outside. This garment is still a great success and on the market there is no such item that matches it.