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    The travel dog bed

    The travel dog bed

    The travel dog bed

    I’m going to tell you how PISOLO, the travel dog bed, was born.

    Immediately ever since Sissi walked through the door she immediately became an integral part of our family and we have chosen to live with her always and everywhere outside the house. She was always present and starring during every outing, business meeting or meeting with friends. We realised, however, she was not always quiet because conditions outside the home are very different. Sometimes alert and attentive to what was going on around her, she did not allow her to relax and live quietly that moment.

    So I bought a blanket to use when we were in the office, at the restaurant, in hotel or during an aperitif outside the house. Certainly this blanket was better than ‘nothing’ but every time Sissi got up, turned around, the blanket would follow her. I spent more time arranging Sissi and the blanket than enjoying the moment.

    I was observing her carefully to understand the movements she was making and what she might be bothered by. I imagined something soft, fluffy but at the same time ‘stable’, a real comfortable space that kept her safe.

    I started to design a perfect travel dog bed for Sissi. My first thought has been the fabric that would have been in contact with her skin. I thought about the wonderful Italian cottons and denims, special fabrics that only the great italian experience of textile companies can create.

    In addition to this, I needed a soft, comfortable and natural padding but, at the same time, durable and structured because Sissi’s products have to be washed frequently. Moreover, the padding had to be temperature-regulating because Sissi’s comfort and well-being also depend on this.

    Proceeding further the design of the product, my thoughts went to the fabric that would be in contact with the floor: it had to be very durable and above all waterproof and breathable. So with these features this special travel dog bed could be used both indoors and outdoors, in cold and damp or hot and muggy situations. If you then use it outdoors, in a garden or anywhere outdoors, the ground can be even wetter and more humid.

    Here it is, the perfect product was there, inside my head. It was feasible. I set to work to find three special suppliers: the cotton denim or italian linen, the padding and a special fabric with waterproof and breathable membrane. Quite a challenge, because I wanted the best fabric, the best padding and the best membrane.

    In just a few months the travel dog bed was ready. I wanted to call it PISOLO (name taken from one of the seven dwarfs, sleepy) for the great comfort it would give the dog. A perfect travel dog bed for any situations outside home. A soft, fluffy, temperature-regulating and waterproof dog bed.

    Finally I had achieved my goal. I could now take the car, a train, going to hotel or restaurant, to the office or to the park. PISOLO the travel dog bed would be the perfect solution for our dogs. But I had not thought that this product would also be ideal for other circumstances, unpleasant but which in a dog’s life, can happen.

    Let me briefly tell you a relevant episode: one night Sissi was indisposed. Like every night she slept on PISOLO. She preferred it to spend the night. When I woke up, I realised that she had peed in her sleep.

    The waterproof fabric saved the floor, the pee was absorbed by the padding and Sissi still slept dry. PISOLO was immediately washed in the washing machine and was already reusable the same evening.

    I understood from this expisode how this travel dog bed designed for when you are out and about had become important and irreplaceable for the home as well.