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    Sissi, our life teacher

    Sissi, our life teacher

    Sissi our life teacher

    Seventeen years spent intensely with Sissi seem like a lifetime, and for us they have been the best of our lives. When you love one of these special beings intensely, time is never enough. And even when someone says you 17 years with her has been a huge gift and you have been very lucky our true selfish nature comes out and says: NOT ENOUGH.

    Then you stop to think and let your heart speak and, magically tens, hundreds, thousands of moments lived together begin to flow. A waterfall of emotions where smiles bind with tears in such perfect harmony that our deepest being says to us: “I will not forget a moment of the love we have given each other”.

    We are luckier than others, because around Sissi, we have built our company, or rather, to be more precise, Sissi has built the company around us.

    Sissi our life teacher, has done so over the years by inviting us in her own way to observe her always and affectionately in her everyday life. In this way she has inspired us to create products for living her fully and at her best everywhere and every situation experienced together. Our desire is now to celebrate all this feeling and creativity that has sprung up naturally where we have only been simple intermediaries of what we received from her.

    Today we start her Blog: THE VOICE OF SISSI. We wish to let people know how she inspired our passion, our creativity, our heart, nourishing our feeling of being useful and, as our life teacher, supporting us in those moments of normal discouragement and disappointment.

    We will tell the story of how our products were born with the desire not to celebrate the ability to have made beautiful things but to have understood and felt, thanks to her inspiration, how to make something that will last in time.

    In addition, we will tell the meaning of our friendship with Sissi. How anyone can have the privilege of experiencing, just by letting go of their feelings and entrusting the best of themselves to these special beings. We will do with a special man we met on our life journey: Doc. Piero Di Marco

    And more we will tell about the importance of colours, yes, because colours, as for us, also for them have an emotional and therapeutic value, and life is beautiful if lived in colour.

    Finally we will tell of the magic that is kindled when one of these special beings arrives in our family. How each member of family, if he wish and is open to their teaching and skill begins to get to know and feel that special, friendly feeling that makes every moment of living full and nourishing and that they will remember forever.

    Sissi, Giusy & Rinaldo