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    The dog raincoat is for all dogs, from the smallest to the largest, both short and long hair.

    The dog raincoat is waterproof and breathable. Abdomen and belly totally covered. Quick and easy to wear. Unique product thanks to an adjustable zip that widens and tightens the garment by about 8cm. A unique garment because thanks to this zip it is adaptable to all dogs: dogs with the same back length but different in circumference.

    Outside: perfect balance between light weight and elasticity. Firstly for our dog raincoat we use a highly technical and performing fabric used in the world of sportswear and outdoor.

    Being a two-way stretch fabric it facilitates mobility in movement and thanks to its softness the dog forgets to wear it.

    Great for summer showers because it is light and breathable fabric. Perfect during wet and cold periods because it keeps the muscles warm.
    The membrane: especially the dog raincoat fabric is coupled to a 3 layers latest generation membrane.

    The membrane guarantees the complete impermeability of the dog raincoat. Allows the release of moisture or excess heat and also has a thermoregulation function. Perfect even at very low temperatures.

    Inside: in addition, an innovative bi-elastic micro-mesh made of polyamide. This very soft mesh fabric is used in the world of sportswear or outdoor for the creation of ergonomic and aerodynamic garments ideal for practicing all sports activities. It was chosen for EVERYDAY, the waterproof coat for dogs, because it has the function of absorbing excess moisture. Not to stress the hair or create knots. This mesh also has an antibacterial function to prevent the proliferation of any molds on the hair.

    The zipper: in the closing band there is a special zip patented by an excellence italian company. It has pre-blanked zamak teeth with an original brass slider body.

    The special zip makes it easier to wear and allows you to adjust the chest circumference according to the different physique. This special zipper makes UNCONVENTIONALDOG’s waterproof coat for dogs one of a kind.

    Elastics: two soft and comfortable elastics are applied to the back to keep the garment perfectly adherent to the body. They can be easily removed if not used.

    The seams: are made with high resistance elasticated yarns to guarantee a long lasting.

    Misures: dresses from the smallest to the largest.

    Washing instructions: Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. Do not bleach. It does not require ironing but if you want ironing at low temperatures by inserting a cloth between the garment and the plate.

    Origin: EVERYDAY the dog raincoat for dogs is entirely MADE IN ITALY, from the fabrics to the accessories, from the manufacturing to the packaging.