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    Design dog bed

    LALLABAI, design dog bed. It is the pronunciation of lullaby. We couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate word. It is a comfortable dog cushion for our furry friends for their moments of rest and also a relaxing space for whole family.

    Outside: firstly outer fabric is both technical and fashionable. Velvet timeless appeal but it is not velvet.  A creased velvet perfectly blending glamour and comfort, the ideal solution for a luxury dog cushion soft but at the same time a furniture object. Thanks to its natural glow, it is marketed in several color variants, all intense and irresistible, designed to enhance its gloss. Tear stress tests make fabric almost indestructible. The soft and bielastic fabric makes the design dog bed fluffy. Fabric has obtained OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, the certification which guarantees absence of any substance harmful to health.

    The membrane: further fabric is coupled with a special membrane that guarantees the dog bed completely waterproof and breathable. It aims to protect the internal padding from any liquids. It also allows excess moisture or heat to escape.

    The padding: an innovative, light and highly technical padding, adapts very well to the shape of the body and has a high supporting power. It is contained in a 100% cotton bag of the highest quality. In addition, cotton bag is worked with internal crossbars which have the aim of distributing the weight in a constant manner and maintaining uniform comfort over the entire surface of the dog cushion. We have chosen a high-tech padding system consisting of siliconized hollow polyester fibres with constant drainage. Elastic nature of the fibres and their spherical structure give material extraordinary elasticity and constant resilience even after thousands of pressures and mechanical stresses. The padding of the luxury dog bed has OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified for the absence of harmful substances ,too

    The zip: last but not least a zip positioned along half perimeter of LALLABAI, the design dog bed to facilitate the removal and wash the fabric or replace it with the variants in the catalogue.

    60cm x 50cm x 14cm
    80cm x 60cm x 18cm
    100cm x 80cm x 25cm

    Washing instructions: both the padding and the fabric can be washed and sanitized with a maximum temperature of 40 °. Do not bleach. It does not require ironing but, if desired, ironing at low temperatures by inserting a cloth between the garment and the plate.

    Origin: LALLABAI, the luxury dog bed, is enterely MADE IN ITALY, from the fabrisc to the accessorie, from the manufacturing to the packaging