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    Travel dog pillow, PISOLO POCKET


    PISOLO POCKET is the travel dog pillow and also a dog mat. It is a travel dog bed and more it is a pod for the whole family too. This is PISOLO POCKET. It is a dog pillow for your travels with him, by car, train, ship or plane. It is also travel dog mat for your quick outings like a meeting with friends to the restaurant, university, everywhere with him. It is a dog pod for park, beach and mountain. PISOLO POCKET is a travel dog bed for when you sleep at the hotel, so your dog feels at home. PISOLO POCKET is useful for home if your dog gets on the bed or stays with you on the sofa. It is a comfortable space for him and for the whole family too. The special padding in natural fiber has the right consistency to give maximum comfort. The outside part is 100% linen, washed and treated. Linen has unrivalled features of comfort, resistance and thermoregulation. The honeycomb form of the padding and its lightness speeds up the elimination of body heat, creating a very comfortable microclimate for our dog. PISOLO POCKET, the travel pillow for dogs, warm in winter and fresh in summer. Linen internally is quilted to the padding and ensures that the padding always remains in excellent condition even after frequent washes. A colored elastic band allows you to open and close it quickly. Easy to take with you and can also be carried inside the bag or sack.
    Fabrics, accessories and manufacturing are MADE IN ITALY.

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    PISOLO POCKET travel dog pillow.

    Why the name PISOLO POCKET? PISOLO is the sleepy dwarf, who is perpetually sleepy and tends to fall asleep anytime, anywhere throughout the day. In fact, our travel pillow is so comfortable that he becomes a safe place for him when we are outside house. POCKET because thanks to a special way of folding and an elastic band, it is easily portable. It can also be stuffed into a bag.


    PISOLO POCKET the dog travel pillow is not only for him but it can be also for you. The large size can be used by both.

    In addition to all above It is soft and fluffy, washed and treated. The linen 100% has unrivalled features of  comfort, resistance and thermoregulation. The special padding in natural fiber has the right consistency to give maximum comfort to your dog.

    Moreover the honeycomb form of the padding and its lightness speeds up the elimination of body heat, creating a very comfortable microclimate for our dogs.


    In the inner of the dog mat the linen fabric is quilted to the padding and ensures that the padding always remains in excellent condition even after frequent washes.

    A colored elastic band wraps it and allows you to open and close it easily. It can be carried inside your bag or sack.

    Padding is developed and produced by an important Italian quilting factory in Treviso leader in padding supplier of famous clothing brands. To open and close it quickly, we applied a high-strength elastic band used in sportswear.

    MADE IN ITALY is irreplaceable for us, which is why we choose the best Italian companies.

    Why buy it

    • Out home it is a comfort space where your dog feels safe
    • Useful when you are in the car, train, office, hotel or restaurant
    • Useful for home if your dog gets on bed or sofa
    • Comfortable for all the family too, at the beach, park, mountain or boat
    • Useful during dog training sessions or pet therapy
    • Easy to open and close thanks to an elastic band
    • Easy to carry with you inside your bag or handbag

    Size guide

    Materials and care

    The linen and the padding used for PISOLO POCKET, the travel pillow for dogs are light, soft and very resistant. All exclusively Made in Italy.
    Outside : external part is in 100% washed and treated linen. Linen has unparalleled qualities of comfort, resistance and is thermoregulating.
    The padding: it is very light, with a micro-honeycomb structure to speed up the elimination of body heat of the dog, creating a very comfortable microclimate. Warm in winter and cool in summer.
    Elastic band: the elastic band used is very resistant and allow to open and close the product easily with a touch of style.

    Washing instructions

    • Washable at 40° with gentle detergent
    • Do not bleach
    • Tumble Dryer low heat
    • Iron the elastic band at low temperatures by inserting a cloth between the elastic band and the flat iron

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