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    The dog leash

    The leash for dogs

    The dog leash of UNCONVENTIONALDOG, so that your dog is always free but safe near you!

    How was FREE3.4, the 340cm long leash, born?

    The dog leash of UNCONVENTIONALDOG took shape in my mind during my walks with Sissi. Sissi is a volcano of energy. We live in the city center and since our first outings has shown to be pure energy. The 1.5mt long leash was fine up to a certain point and within certain limits. The flexi leash always made me afraid because it was difficult to manage and sometimes unfortunately it stuck during winding and in that case it became very dangerous.

    Walking with Sissi and observing her movements carefully, I began to realise what we needed: a very long leash that could be shortened and lengthened at will depending on the situation and her needs.

    I bought a long dog leash and already during our first walks I realised that it was the ideal product for Sissi and me: short when necessary and long where Sissi could enjoy her walk almost freely. I had more or less found the right product except for the material and the carabiner that were not going well.  Furthermore I did not like the touch of leather and it was also difficult to manage the leash because Sissi was very snappy and unpredictable and leather itself marked my hands. Moreover the carabiner did not give me security because it opened easily. That’s when my mind started travelling and thinking about Tuscan tanneries, the best in Italy.

    My search began, my first trips to Tuscany and the my first ‘goal’: finding a leather that was tall, strong but at the same time soft so that, after every walk with Sissi, my hands are not marked. After several trips to Tuscany, I found the supplier for us: soft leather, 4mm high and coloured with a natural treatment. The first step was accomplished. The next step would has been the safety carabiner.

    I had had problems with some leashes bought for Sissi, carabiner get stuck or even break after a short time. I was looking for the best on the market and I found it: a carabiner used on mountaineering world, nautical world and the safety. A light and safe carabiner.

    I had found all suppliers, it was time to make a sample to test my new product. As I tested the first sample I realised that I was on the right track, it was the perfect leash: I could handle Sissi well, she could walk around town and sniff where she preferred while I managed the length of the leash according to her movements. I was satisfied the leather because it didn’t hurt my hands and the carabiner with its locking ring gave me security.  

    More, as I was using the leash, I realised that I liked rolling it up and unrolling it in my hand, it was like a “banishes thoughts” because at that moment managing the length of the leash to satisfy Sissi’s needs, forgetting  about everything else except our walk. I realised in that moment managing the leash helping me to look at Sissi and enjoy her needs and wishes. I realised that handling the leash helping me to look at Sissi and live her needs and wishes. The gestures that Sissi and the leash led me to do helped me distance myself from the events of the day and catapult me into a world of quiet and peace.  Lengthening and shortening the leash according to Sissi’s needs meant ” take care to her” and keeping me away from ‘useless’ thoughts.

    I realised that by ‘handling’ the leash I was living the ‘here and now’ with her. While using it, I was thinking about and trying out the different ways of using it, and one of the first uses has been to roll it up on my wrist; and just the moment I saw it rolled up on my wrist, I hasn’t been no longer saw it as just Sissi’s leash but also as a beautiful accessory for me. The UNCONVENTIONALDOG leash collection had to be as colourful as the life that our fourlegs friends give us every day. And again, I realised that thanks to simple knots I could customise it as I liked and have it different depending on our needs. I had the perfect leash. All I had to do was choose  bright colours and start production, and so it was.

    How many leashes have been produced since that day………. We called it FREE3.4: 3 metres and 40 cm so that your dog is always free but safe near you.